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Word Search Adventure

Word Search Adventure

by KlimBo


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Word Search Adventure
Word Search Adventure
Word Search Adventure
Word Search Adventure
Word Search Adventure
Word Search Adventure

Do you like brain games? Have you ever played word search and puzzle games? Word Search is a classic word search puzzle and one of the best brain games available for Android!

Word Search has a very simple gameplay. Just search and find all the words hidden in the grid filled with letters. All you have to do is to mark the found word with the finger from the first letter to the last (or vice versa). By doing so, if the word is correct it will be marked with a distinctive color and you'll can search the next.

★ Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) and Achievements from Google Play Games to share your results and compete with your friends
★ Option to receive a hint about a word location
★ Search in 11 board sizes: 5x5, 6x6, ..., 15x15
★ A lot of configurable options: language, board size, colors, sound, etc.
★ Long press any word from the list to open its Wiktionary page. Play the game and learn new words every day
Train your brain with the daily goals and improve you vocabulary

Complete all daily goals to keep your brain young. Just play Word Search now and learn a new word every second!