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Who Said That?

Who Said That?

by Who Said That?


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Who Said That?
Who Said That?
Who Said That?
Who Said That?

Introducing Who Said That?, the ultimate party game for all ages! Whether you're playing in person or remotely, this game will have you and your friends laughing and guessing all night long.


In Who Said That? players take turns asking a question to the group and then everyone answers anonymously. It's then up to the questioner to try and figure out whose answer is whose. The questions and answers can range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and are guaranteed to get everyone laughing and trying to guess.


But that's not all! Who Said That now features "Alan BOT," a ChatGPT powered AI who will also give an answer to any question you ask. Can you tell who is your friend and who is the robot? Watch as your friends attempt to be each other, lying as best they can to try and fool the questioner.


Another great feature of Who Said That is the ability to tailor your own questions and answers. Whether you're looking for a game that's appropriate for a family gathering or a wild night out with friends, you can create your own questions and answers to suit the occasion.


Don your detective hats and get ready for a night of hilarious fun with Who Said That. Download it now on the App Store!