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by lanza entertainment


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Waazerman [andorid][free][game] Download Waazerman! The first title of the Waazers family games! Help this family to escape from running lava and save the Gems! A simple one touch Multiplayer Arcade game that is impossible to put down. Challenge your friends to play this fun & addictive game and beat their score. Tap to jump between walls and avoid the enemies. The faster you tap, the quicker you jump. Collect precious gems and coins on your way to unlock fantastic new characters! You can invite and play with all your friends in online Multiplayer mode and have multiple battles and challenges open at the same time. Play to compete and win a place at the top of your Friends & Global Ranks. How fast are your reaction skills? This fun and fast paced arcade game will test you to the max. Features: • Free To Play • Various Characters to Play • Simple 1 Touch Controls • Online Multiplayer • Play With Friends • Beautiful Art Style • Online Leader boards “ have you met the waazers? They never smile but nobody cares There’s a boy ,a girl ,a father and a dog A pet alien and a skeleton that you wanna hug would you Help this weird family to survive? Cause All they want is to be alive Tap to jump and run from the angry lava Did you know that this game’s scripted by java? Oh And never forget to share We want everybody to care Ready to check the game ?So click on the link Its way easier than you think !”