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Stream live from my mobile?


Across multiple social media platforms?




No way!!


Yes way! VuYu is the first app that lets you broadcast live to followers & friends simultaneously across different social media platforms – from your mobile!!


A real game changer in the world of live streaming – but why would you want to go live at the same time on multiple social media sites? Easy! More viewers get to see what’s going on there and then without you having to lose that moment for your followers on another site to miss.


Now you don’t have to choose which network to stream on first, or decide which of your followers must miss that spontaneous broadcast – whichever network they follow you on, they’ll all see it!


You can even save all of your live broadcasts on your profile for your followers to view later!


Go live instantly and simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope & Twitch. Just connect your accounts and add your device within minutes.


Why else use VuYu?


No Ads! That’s right, no pop ups, no adverts at the top or bottom of the app – none at all!


Saves your live videos on your VuYu profile, allowing people to follow you, like and dislike your videos.


All comments and reactions on your live video with an easy-to-use filter to display comments just from a particular network if you wish.


You can even customise your VuYu profile with a header image, profile photo and custom bio…


Easy to go live - simply select the network(s) you want and go live!


More networks will be added in future updates. Have fun with our new app.