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Universal Combat Shooter

Universal Combat Shooter

by Venatus Games


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Universal Combat Shooter
Universal Combat Shooter
Universal Combat Shooter
Universal combat shooter is action pack, shooting, killing and survival challenging game. Enemy soldiers have given a mission to kill you. Enemy soldier are in search of you keep your position changing and kill all enemy soldiers who attack or follow you. You are last commando and your job is to clear areas from enemy soldiers. Twelve different challenging environments of job. Beware as enemy is following you and they are aware of your presence in the area. universal combat shooter is a perfect skill test of your combat shooting and counter terrorist attack. How to Play: - Touch the right corner of screen above joy stick control to look anywhere left, right. - Move left, right, forward or backward with joy stick. - Tap Fire button on left bottom to fire. - Tap zoom button to view closer look. Game Features: - Excellent Environment. - Smooth controls and animations. - Best sniper gun with telescope. - Unlimited ammunition. - Best combat shooting game. - Free to install. - Multiple entry points