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TripStep - Enjoy your Travel!

TripStep - Enjoy your Travel!

by Royal Academy


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TripStep - Enjoy your Travel!
TripStep - Enjoy your Travel!
TripStep - Enjoy your Travel!
TripStep - Enjoy your Travel!

TripStep comes from the idea to offer to EVERY travelers, able-bodied or with sensorial disabilities, an interactive and accessible travel's guide made to meet every specific demands.

The graphic design and the functioning of the TripStep App is studied to be accessible to all the users, from children to elderly people, form able-bodied users to sensorial disabled or with mobility impairments users: every travel, selectable at the App launch, is created freely through the website, www.tripstep.it, by workers in the sector, teachers, experts travelers or casual explorers.

A set of stages, divided by provinces, with descriptions, pictures and multimedia contributions that automatically start while reaching the stages recommended by those who know these areas and love to actively share their knowledge.

The informations are made by the TripStep's staff to me always interesting, usable and never boring. We at TripStep believe that ”the emotions of a journey should be perceived at every level without any barrier”.

The App could be used as consultation or as a guide to the territory thanks to the integrated map and to the special geographic notifications systems.
Especially developed for the Screen Readers and for the major aids to navigations, TripStep allows to break down every possible usability barrier.

TripStep, Enjoy your Travel!