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Trends Today brings you next generation media and where you can watch current social trends and trending news. Trends Today curates trending content across social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Vine and Instagram specific to Geo locations like US, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Worldwide. It's more flexible and casual way to watch current trends trending worldwide and specific Geo locations. No login required to access the posts, tweets, videos etc. Watching trends gives user instant current affairs happening around the world of politics, music, entertainment, sports, art, photography, fashion etc. Features: - Currently five social networks included Facebook, twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Vine - User can access trending tweets, posts, topic, videos etc. - user can respond to tweets, posts by login into individual social networks. - One time registration required - Switch on/off interesting social network you love. - Switch social media trends countrywide - More social networks on the way...