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Thug Race

Thug Race

by SeaDog Studios


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Thug Race
Thug Race
Thug Race

It’s time to get your self ready for a thrilling car chase against the police. In this game, you have to beat the cops by making them crash, which will make you earn diamonds! Scores for them and try to reach the highest points. Use combos to get higher multiples scores by staying close to the cops (but not that close).

Thug Race also provides you with different cars in shapes and colors that you can earn just by getting more diamonds.

Feature of Thug Race:
- Easy to play and become a major driver
- Enjoy the ride while having fun
- Thug Race has a lot of different unique cars that you can trade

How to play a skateboarding game:
In the race game, you just need to press right or left to turn. Keep yourself away from being hit by the cops but close enough to get the combos. Remember to also keep the diamonds :)