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The REAL Dressmaker

The REAL Dressmaker

by Noies Noise!


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The REAL Dressmaker
The REAL Dressmaker
The REAL Dressmaker
The REAL Dressmaker
The REAL Dressmaker
The REAL Dressmaker
The REAL Dressmaker
The REAL Dressmaker

While there are many outfit making games where you can swipe between different ready made dresses and get them in just one click, our dressmaker game is truly different! You'll get to make your own and UNIQUE dresses from different fabrics, buttons, ribbons and colors!
There are no “magic buttons” here and one click solutions! While making a dress, you’ll go through a series of tasks as a real dressmaker would Start at the beginning: pick a pattern, choose fabrics, cut, iron, add buttons, ribbons and sew the dress before it’s put on display.

In this game you will find:
10 fashion drawings of fully customizable models, each can be made from different combinations of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, threads…
30 lovely fabrics to choose from,
8 types of ribbons, 15 different buttons, 10 colors of threads,
BUT that’s not all- for all of these items it’s possible to change a color and get a totally different look! That gives an unlimited number of combinations for one single dress! Mix and match, use your imagination and experiment…see how different combinations of fabrics and details make one dress look elegant, sporty, funky, casual…
Dare to bring dresses from your imagination to life and get creative! Share your creations with us, either send us an email or post on our social media pages and participate in our MONTHLY COMPETITIONS to win one of 5 valuable PRIZES!

This app also contains:
-original music!
-a hidden youtube link to our official anthem, try to find it :)
-a possibility to subscribe and get rid of ads and banners
-a calculator so you can do your math Try to find it (kad bude proradio dodacemo)
-a charity material- by buying it for only $2 you directly contribute to a greater cause which is girls empowerment worldwide. Find out more about our charity work on our social media pages
-other hidden perks- try to find them :)

contact us at [email protected]
or find us on social media noiesnoise.com/links
and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will have many cartoons coming soon!

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