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Test Alcohol

Test Alcohol

by PeixetStudios


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Test Alcohol
Test Alcohol
Test Alcohol
Test Alcohol
Test Alcohol

Breathalyzer test, have you drunk a drink? Test your abilities.

With this test you can test your abilities in a very quick and easy.

Proceed as follows:

  1 - Press "START".
  2 - Take the phone with his right hand and extends his arm toward the horizon leaving the screen towards you, leaving the smartphone as vertical as possible.
  3 - Raise the left leg.
  4 - Try to keep the yellow dot within the red circle for 7 seconds.

Yellow control point by tilting slightly smartphone.

With this simple test you will get a quick response on how well you go :)


Note: This application is a joke, it does not serve to control the level of blood alcohol. Do not drink and drive.