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Teem App

Our platform, crafted with user convenience in mind, is specifically engineered to make your invoicing and payment tasks a breeze for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers across the UAE. It adheres to the approval and compliance standards set by ZATCA and Arabic legal authorities. More than 5000 businesses are already benefiting from this E-invoicing system. Join us now!

Discover Teem App's Intelligent Features:

Invoicing On-the-Move: Short on time to be tethered to your laptop? The Teem mobile app empowers you to create invoices anytime, anywhere, be it while strolling, cooking, dancing, or watching a film.

All-in-One Organization: Handle your entire client base within Teem, keeping all your customer data neatly organized and easily retrievable.

Personalized Branding: Boost your brand's standing with tailored receipts that incorporate your brand logos, images, and colors.

Quick and Easy Invoice Generation: Produce and send professional invoices in mere minutes, saying goodbye to cumbersome manual procedures.

Convenient Invoice Sharing: Engage with your clients on their chosen platforms! Dispatch invoices directly through WhatsApp, Email, and URL links for swift delivery.

Up-to-the-Minute Invoice Monitoring: Remain in control of your finances with straightforward invoice tracking and management tools. Obtain a quick snapshot of your invoice status.

Prompt Payment Collection: Forward secure payment links to your clients and collect payments digitally. We've collaborated with dependable payment gateways (Paylink, PayPal, and Stripe) that instantly route payments to your bank account.

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