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by MauroMEGames


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Test your skills with visual discrimination. Synapse lets us see differences between objects that are similar. 
You must match up figures that are the same!

►How to play?

On the top of the screen, four figures appear. Then a figure appears in the main part of the screen, which looks exactly like one of the figures that you saw at the top.
You have to match the main figure to one of the four figures at the top!

Two ways to play:

■ Visual perception:
First you'll notice the figures at the top and then the main figure.

■ Visual memory:
First you'll notice the main figure and then this will hide. Once the main figure is hidden, the figures at the top are displayed.

This game will really test the visual spatial parts of your brain.
Our ability to take in and respond to what we see depends as much on our brains as it does on our eyes.
This brain game activates brain areas controlling language, reading, memory and visual abilities.

•Good visual discrimination helps keep us from getting confused.
•Synapse will help to create a 'learning environment' in your home.
•Children need adequate visual discrimination skills to function properly in school and at home.
•Good visual perception is essential for school success
•This visual perception game can help a child, older kids and parents to make sense of the information that the eyes are sending to the brain. 
•Find out how the exciting Synapse game can be used to get older kids and parents to work on their visual perceptual skills!
•This is a special game for kids, adults, seniors, the elderly and children with special needs.

✔Recommended for tablet.

☑ Permanent ads removal in app purchases (Quit the game and start again to make changes effective)

Synapse is one of the recommended brain games!