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SWAT HERO :Terrorist Take Down

SWAT HERO :Terrorist Take Down

by mas3dstudio


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SWAT HERO :Terrorist Take Down
SWAT HERO :Terrorist Take Down
SWAT HERO :Terrorist Take Down
SWAT HERO :Terrorist Take Down

Hostile Situation Alert! A terrorist group has hijacked and attacked on city to kill shot and demanding heavy ransom to free innocent civilians.Engage in bravo commando action to eliminate ground threat from extremist leader and rescue hostages in SWAT Rescue Hero Bravo Kill Shot Terrorist Take Down Mission Hostage .911 Emergency! Captain bravo we got a hostile situation, some terrorist kidnapped civilians and they transported hostages to different locations.City police is not trained for this situation it's time for SWAT force kill shot to save civilians in crisis situation. Play Counter SWAT Strike Team 3D is full action based simulation game.

Attention SWAT Force! The city is under attack and some syndicate terrorists have hijacked the international airliner with passengers on board for next flight. Climb up the stair car and get inside the air plane, take cover and kill armed mercenaries with your sniper gun. Terrorists have modern era war equipment like automatic rifles and ak-47.Take headshot kill from safe distance and avoid killing innocent hostages. Become rambo and engage in melee attack with terrorists until bomb defusing squad reaches cargo section to end threats.

Terrorists kidnapped passenger bus parked near petrol pump runway before refueling from gasoline truck. Lead the SWAT black ops rescue mission to save imprisoned hostile ground staff. You have police team professionals training and the ability to win this advanced war.Enjoy intense action and addictive game play in this 3D sniper shooter game.No mercy go lethal arrest is not an option. Law enforcement tactical force officer gonna sweep nuclear threat with multiple teams. Pull the trigger and shoot to kill crime boss with sniper scope. Use all necessary firepower and lethal force to eliminate terrorists group to rescue hostages. You are the frontline soldier alpha of disparate groups, banded together to eliminate possible threats to national security. As captain of SWAT force, help counter terrorist squad in stealth battle against armed mercenary bomber. As crime stopper use modern warfare tactics, stealth and critical strike with unlimited firepower to take down terrorists. Stop enemy at last resort from spreading havoc and establish peace in city streets.


★10 challenging combat missions to save your team-mates
★Weapon selection from assault rifles ,sniper, m4 ,ak-47 ,mp5 ,shotgun ,9mm and dagger
★Realistic animations and bomb blasts to rescue automobile, staff and civilians
★Smooth controls for best fps shooting experience
★Awesome 3D Graphics and City Environment.
★Amazing bullets effects with headshots, oil barrel blasts, car blowing animations

Download SWAT Rescue Mission Hostage 3D best first person shooting game for intense action kill shot and put end to terrorism and save ground staff.Hold on--this isn’t just another cops vs criminals game! Step into the shoes of a SWAT soldier and take part in the large network of protecting your NATION. Wiping out terrorism is no light work. Take advantage of this accurate and graphic simulation to come vis a vis with a terrorist. Do you have what it takes to serve your country?Bravo Heroes of SWAT is the latest first-person shooter game in a brutal 3D environment made rugged and incendiary by your enemies.You are on a mission to flare away the gangs pervading the city.As deadly sniper, show heroic acts and extreme shooting skill to kill shot against crimes with critical strike.In police vs robbers crime crisis situation, prisoners will try to escape with hostages through locomotive station. Don’t let them escape and get underground.