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Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !

Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !

by The Steam Stream


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Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !
Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !
Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !
Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !
Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !
Surfing Dodger 3D - Finish Line !

Get to the Finish Line in this Surfing Dodge arcade game: collect as many cubes as you can to elevate your position in order to get over the danger zone. You may be a rookie at the beginning but with practice you'll master surfing through the red zones and dodge the obstacles to become like a dodger surfer. This hyper casual game will take you through different surfing environments where you'll face different obstacles and puzzles. Just make sure not to fall while dodging the obstacles and collecting your gold coins to give you more power. Just start your surfing in this adventure now to get mind agility collecting and fixing all the magic cubes. In This wonderful arcade adventure game you have to pile up the magic cubes to make a tower to run and surf on the track to reach the finish line and get there as a dodging surfer. It seems to be facile, but the more you play, the harder it becomes to give yourself a chance to concentrate more and be predictive of the obstacles that will face you to be eventually able to dodge them easily and power up, and your dodging skills will just increase. Try to dodge the lava surface to avoid the meltdown of your cubes to be able to get to the rooftop where you'll finish as the winner of the race as a real cuber just surf and turf in this survival game trying to arrive first to the finish line to become a great surfing Dodger.
Collect as much gold coins as you can to change the skin of your character.
This Hyper Casual Game will take you through an adventure of surfing your way to the rooftop of getting an agile mind. The cubes are not lumbering rather than moving fast, so you have to focus on moving right and left to avoid all the obstacles and in this way you can start hardening your concentration while doing the surf and turf to be a survival dodger and get to the finish line by perusing your own surf line and rejoice the moment of winning the surf and turf in this hyper casual game in which you’ll have a great rejoice trying to get to the finish line.
You can set your own lope in this attempt of survival to get your rewards and gold coins ; you need just to stack up and cooper the cubes as fast as possible to elevate your level and arrive safe to the finish line. Your Surfing Ride starts here and now.
Instead of a skating board you'll get a skating cube to raise and get over all the obstacles. You just need to follow your surf line to pile up the cubes and get higher as professional Surfing dodger and rider. The more Gold Coins you collect, the easier it becomes to change the skin of your character.
You can finish easily depending on your survival tactics and your ability to surf on the way smoothly.
Just get on your surfing cube and start your infinite rewarding adventure through different stages, Just sharpen your attention to avoid the obstacles and become a surfing cuber.
collect all the gold coins in your way to boost your cuber system while packing cubes and trying to be the first at the finish line and rejoice the surf and turf
With this hyper casual game, it's your adventure time of surfing on the way to the finish line and get the gold coins to power up your level on the stacks to become a surfing master. the more you play the flexible your brain becomes ... start your real life adventure either in the park or in the sea and rejoice the moments of surfing cuber. Change the skin of the character by collecting more Gold Coins and arrive quickly to the finish line.
Ride the magic cube, surf smoothly, collect the gold coins, elevate and win the race in quick dodge game; following your surf line and trying to arrive to the finish line.
What are You waiting for? Download this hyper casual game: Surf Ride to exercise your riding and surfing skills to get to the finish line and help your character to change its skin.