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Super Simple Slide

Super Simple Slide

by Stack Tree Studios


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Super Simple Slide
Super Simple Slide
Super Simple Slide
Super Simple Slide
Super Simple Slide

Sudoku Everyday: A clean and minimalistic classic Sudoku experience. Comes with thousands of puzzles classified into 5 difficulty levels (very easy, easy, medium, hard and extreme) to give ample play-time for everyone from Sudoku newbies to experts. 

How to Play: Select a number from the number-pad below the grid. Apply the selected number on empty grid cells where you believe that number is the right fit. Once you've exhausted all fillable cells with the selected number, select another number from the number-pad and repeat the process. Once you have filled in all the empty cells in the grid with their correct solutions, you win. 

Clearing filled cells: You can clear cells already filled using the "eraser" button that appears to the right of the number pad. Just like the number pad, you can "select" this once and then clear as many cells as needed by tapping on them on the grid. 

Notes: For solving complex puzzles, you can use the "note" button to place temporary notes on cells. When you place numbers on grid-cells with note mode ON, the numbers will be added as notes.

Hints: If you find the going hard, you can use the hint feature to fill-out any one cell in the grid with the correct solution.

Settings: For a more challenging experience, you can go to "Settings" and turn the "Highlight Errors" option off.