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Stress Ball

Stress Ball

by Vinh Nguyen


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Stress Ball
Stress Ball
Stress Ball

Relieve yourself from any stress. Just squeeze it!

Always a stress reliever in your pocket with the digital Stress Ball app! Relax yourself with our stress reliever ball!
Do you have a deadline at work that stresses you out? Does your boss drives you crazy at the office? Or maybe the kids at home? Did someone just cut you off in traffic? Feeling anxious or burned out? Not anymore!
With this stress reliever app you will feel more relaxed in a seconds!

Just open the app, start clicking on the stress ball and get an instant relief from whatever is bothering you at the office, home or in life. Just try it out!

The traditional stress balls are one of the oldest stress management techniques in the world, also known as Baoding Balls. How do they work? When we are stressed, we need to occupy our sensory channel to relief the stress. In other words, your mind needs to focus or concentrate on something else than whatever is making you feel stressed out.

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