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Status Saver Pro (Early Access)

Status Saver Pro (Early Access)

by Davince Apps Studio


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Status Saver Pro (Early Access)

Status Saver Pro for Whatsapp app is an app that lets you download photo images, GIFs, Video of the new status feature of Whatsapp's new App 2021 Story. This app works as the most suitable status download for WhatsApp and acts as a great status downloader app.
This status saver for WhatsApp, have daily new WhatsApp status also which user can download and can save to its status saver app. By using this WhatsApp status download app, a user can share and download friends' Whatsapp statuses.

This app can also be used as an instant story downloader, as this app can download Instagram stories as well and users can download and share Instagram stories as well. This app is one of the most popular instant story downloader apps.