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Spartan Warrior Fight

Spartan Warrior Fight

by Door to Apps


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Spartan Warrior Fight
Spartan Warrior Fight
Spartan Warrior Fight
Spartans were one of the most prominent forces in the Greek history. It was a known fact that “one Spartan was worth several men of enemy state. Spartan means fearlessness, hard and tough life. Spartan Warrior fight based on ancient battles and old war strategies. Warriors used in the game are wearing old costumes with swords, arrows and bows as fighting tools. Enjoy the real experience of combat with enemy Spartans. Read the instruction carefully given at the start of each level. Game Features: • 6 exciting levels with challenging and unique environment • Different weather conditions like snow, rain and dessert. • Joy stick and touch control • 360 rotation, camera zooms in and zooms out. • Arrows, bows, horses, swords and rocky war zone. • 3 life lines and Spartan icon to track the position of the warrior. • Adorable 3D graphics and ancient city environment. • Archer towers, enemy fighters with weapons How to Play? Double tap on the enemy to shoot arrow. Use unique rotation method to find hidden enemy.