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SimplyZen Magazine Zen Living

SimplyZen Magazine Zen Living

by WRHMedia


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SimplyZen Magazine Zen Living
How would you like to live a live of ZEN? Imagine having control over your life and living the life you only imagined. Do you think your life would improve? Introducing SimplyZen Magazine Zen Living the only monthly magazine written and focused specifically on learning and living a Zenful life 365 days a year. It is not a religion it is a way of life… Each monthly issue of SimplyZen Magazine will teach and train you to enjoy a better quality of being and finally make your life happen the way you want. We focus on providing you with stories, techniques, teachings, articles, and even interacting video that help you become a Zen Master discover the wonderfully beautiful life you deserve to live. SimplyZen is more than just a Magazine it is an app that can change you mindset, energy, purpose, with affirmations, mantras, meditations, inspirational stories, video content, Zen trainings, Zen puzzles and much more. You do not need to be a buddhist to enjoy SimplyZen Magazine, it was created for you to open your mind and body and allow the greatness of being you to flood your life no matter who you are… and a wonderful life it is.