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Shopping List Watch

Shopping List Watch

by Illusion


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Shopping List Watch
Shopping List Watch
Shopping List Watch
Shopping List Watch
Shopping List Watch
Shopping List Watch
Shopping List Watch
Shopping List Watch

Shopping List Watch is an application that makes editing your shopping list easier and faster. Its Watch function displays your list directly from the Smartphone to the watch, leaving both your hands free when you do your shopping.

Shopping List Watch has the particularity of automatically classifying your items by department. It suffices to indicate for the first time that such a product corresponds to such a department, and it will then remember what such an article corresponds to. Your shopping list will then be sorted by department.

No more going back and forth in the store!

And if a department does not exist in the proposed list, never mind! Shopping List Watch will allow you to create your own section with its editor. You can then give a name, create an icon, and define a radius color.

You'll see, it's pretty fun to do.

This is not the only peculiarity of Shopping List Watch. During your purchases, you will be able to enter the price of the items directly on your watch, or your Smartphone. Why do you tell me! Well for two reasons. One to know in advance the total of your current purchases. The other, to establish a follow-up of the evolution of the prices of each product.
To do this, the application displays (when you press the icon in front of the product name) a histogram of your previous purchases. This graph allows you, by selecting a bar, to know the price of the product, the date of purchase, and the place of purchase.

Convenient to know which store offers the best prices!

Shopping List Watch offers other tools, such as the ability to check your item when you purchased it.
Simply select the name of the product and the item will turn black to indicate that you have purchased it.
A count will then be made to know the number of items remaining to be purchased. You also have the option of directly editing the total of your purchases if you bother to mark the price of each product. Of course, you can note the price of the items you are interested in and edit the amount afterwards.
The total amount that then appears in the list history will be the one you edited.

I hope you enjoy this application and make your shopping easier. If you encounter bugs, or if you have ideas for improvements, or even you want to share your experience when using this app, do not hesitate to let me know.

Good shopping.