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Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone

Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone

by NND Games


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Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone
Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone
Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone
Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone
Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone
Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone
Shiv Ringtone - New Ringtone

Shiv Ringtones - New Ringtone

The best god ringtones application for devotees of Shiv

Lord Shiva is known by such beautiful names as Mahadev, Bholenath, Mahakal, Shiva Shankar etc...

We know how difficult is to find god ringtones, that's why we are bringing a huge Shiv ringtones collection for you only. We know you like most god ringtones app.

Shiv Aarti, Shiv Bhajan, Mahadev Songs, Shiv mantra, shiv Tandav, shiv Mahima stotra and shiv dhun's great treasure of ringtones made from mantra as well as HD wallpapers of very good quality. In one click, you can set a ringtone to your phone.

The complete introduction of Lord Shiva in this application will inform you about Lord Shiva and increase your knowledge of devotion. In addition to the introduction of the Mahadev Shiv, the information of Lord Shiva Shankar's 12 Jyotirlinga and the glory and identity of Shivaratri of Bholenath is given in your language in Hindi.

There is a wonderful inspirational, spiritual, motivational quotes of Mahakal - Shiv with Shiv ringtones and you can share in your social media.

The lyrics of Lord Shiva Shankar's Maha Mitrunjaya Mantra and 12 Jyotirlinga Stotram mantra have been provided lyrics with audio. You will be able to repeat this mantra 11, 21, 51, 108 times. This mantra tune will purify your surroundings.

Lord Shiva's Aarti, Shiv Tandav stotram, Mahadev's 108 names, Nataraj praise (Natraj Stuti) will be found in Hindi and Gujarati.

Features of Ringtones
- Very good quality of god Ringtones
- Huge and new ringtone collection
- HD Shiv wallpapers
- Easy to use new ringtone app.
- Easy to set a ringtone.
- Ringtone can be used offline.
- Play, pause ringtone any time.
- No need to use an internet connection for ringtones.
- Set the current tone as a ringtone.
- Free ringtones for all

How to use?
- Swipe left and right to change the ringtone.
- Click on setting button (Top - right on the screen) and set the current tone as a ringtone and set as a current wallpaper as a home screen wallpaper.

Download the new ringtone application and get a blessing from Mahadev Shiv.

Share this Shiv bhakti and new ringtones to all shiv lovers, fans and followers.

Please give us good ratings and write in the comment section which part of the application and which ringtones you like most. Your comments are encouraging for us, It inspires to add a new ringtone.