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Shibe Clicker

Shibe Clicker

by protactinium


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Shibe Clicker
Shibe Clicker is a new clicker game featuring famous Shiba Inu dog! Such Game! How to play? -Click on the Doge -Doge rewards You with many coins! -Buy him food! Shibe such feel good! -Doge rewards with more coins! -Invest in upgrades! -Doge rewards with even more coins! Seriously addictive clicker game ✔ Free game ✔ clicker/incremental/progressive game ✔ idle game ✔ Infinite game ✔ Funny and simple incremental game ✔ Achievements to unlock ✔ Leaderboard to compare your score with other players ✔ More than 20 food types ✔ Many upgrades! ✔ Infinite prestige Earn dogecoins, spend your coins on doge! Shibe clicker is a perfect casual idle game! Features: Game offers over 20 items to buy Many different upgrades Google Play Services Achievements Incremental gameplay! RPG upgrade system! Earn money by clicking! Cartoon style! Pixel art! Become a billionare! Officialy supported by dogecoin!