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Secret Lock Screen

Secret Lock Screen

by 3royal2square1


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Secret Lock Screen
Secret Lock Screen
Secret Lock Screen
Secret Lock Screen
Secret Lock Screen
Secret Lock Screen
Secret Lock Screen
Secret Lock Screen

Customize your lock screen wallpaper with Secret Lock screen!
Would you like to have the most beautiful and Secret lock screen and be the envy of all of your friends?
You have to just enable pin lock in settings in this application and create own password for unlock phone screen.
With Secret Lock screen, you will be able to personalize your lock screen with artworks and designer themes. You won't believe your eyes!
Tons of unique designs and wallpaper themes for your Lock and Home screen.

*Main Functions*

- iOS style to Slide to unlock.
- Enter a 4 Digit pin to unlock.
- A large number of backgrounds.
- A large number of stylish design elements for your backgrounds.
- A lot of beautiful wallpapers to choose for your Secret a Lock Screen
- Multiple iPhone 9 HD Wallpaper beautiful and all background iOS 7 and iOS 8
- You can change Time Format Support 12-Hour and 24-Hour.
- Choose Unlock Animation like Swipe Left, Swipe Top, Zoom, Rotate
- Yes, You can do Unlock sound enable/disable.
- Screen Off and Lock, keypad lock screen
- Just one touch to lock and turn off screen.
- We also give Facility Unlock vibration enable/disable.
- Ability to configure elements of the top/bottom part of the screen from the center separately.

Q: Wallpaper doesn't fit in the screen position.
A: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > ON
(Note: If zoomed, you will need to re scale your wallpaper to fit to the screen.)

Q:This lock screen sometimes not work?
A:It means that this lock screen had been killed,This happens when the system is in low memory while you are playing games or you start too many applications. In order to avoid this you can toggle on the 'Advanced Settings' to tell the system not to kill it while on low memory.

Now download and enjoy this excellent with Secret Lock Screen for iPhone 6s(iPhone 7) ! In addition, share it with your friends if you really like this application,Thanks!

Note: The app does not change the lock screen. It gives you the opportunity to create your own backgrounds that will make your lock screen look to its advantage.

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