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by almasanet


Our Rating

Very fast and easy to use browser instead of downloading a lot of applications and addition saves time and effort in the search for many of the sites and easy access to applications via the direct link and facilitate the work of marketers and publishers to these sites as well as shopping from the net and you can add locations you are working on to your browser and save locations and accessed directly without registration log in every time and has the advantage of night work and daytime in order to provide shipping for notebook beautiful and easy experience and take pleasure in the wonderful opportunity rapid browsing - In case you want to delete any link, click on it at length, and delete - From the main menu you can add the page or the desired location - You can delete unwanted link by clicking on the link at length and then delete - Add the sites that you want to work on them by Matrade through the main menu to add this to page - Add a shortcut on the desktop for mobile by clicking on Resques desktop page