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Salt and Pep

Salt and Pep

by Snively Studios


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Salt and Pep
Salt and Pep
Salt and Pep
Salt and Pep
Salt and Pep
Salt and Pep

Angry jars have stolen Pep! A clash with the condiment clans of Ketchup, Mustard and Relish is underway. Help legendary action hero Salt, get revenge and free Pep! Start your adventure and unlock powerful upgrades when you collect sweet sprinkles. Only you can reunite the fan favorite combo of Salt and Pep! Download for FREE and help Salt save Pep!

• Unlock 10 action packed, addicting, story driven levels
• Battle 20 unique characters including pesky packets, angry jars, and more
• Discover a new boss each level with witty dialogue and special attacks
• Test your skills in survival mode against near endless waves of packets and jars
• Unlock powerful upgrades when you collect sweet sprinkles
• Compete against friends for the best scores and top places on leaderboards
• Earn fun, exciting achievements to showcase your skill
• Enjoy the colorful splatter in the Unity Engine when Salt and the condiments clash
• Easy to learn, one touch controls perfect for beginners and experts alike
• Casual pace best suited for fun, action packed bursts of gameplay
• For increased difficulty, challenge the impossible and earn three stars per level
• Free to play and best to download now!

Salt and Pep™ is a registered trademark of Snively Studios LLC. All rights reserved.