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SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger

SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger

by Mobiman


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SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger
SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger
SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger
SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger
SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger
SafeSwiss® - Secure Encrypted Messenger

SafeSwiss is the world's most secure, feature-rich, and secure E2EE (End to End Encryption) app for communication has now got an upgrade with new security enhancements to keep your conversations highly secure!

SafeSwiss(r) powerful crypto software offers secure E2EE chat, text messaging images sharing, video chat, file share location share, VOIP calls.

Although smartphones are now an integral part of our life, they're also vulnerable to attacks by malicious hackers. Recently, Israeli spyware Pegasus, when installed, can steal data from a phone and steal user's personal and private data, steal messages and calls and transform the phone into a listening device for remote access. Crypto can now be a must-have device to secure all communications and IP.

SMS chats, VOIP calls messaging are among the main methods used to communicate.

COVID-19 has revealed the need to safeguard Com's when businesses plan to operate remotely and hybrid environments away from office spaces.

SafeSwiss(r) provides a variety of E2EE communications options to customers, including video chat, VOIP calls, text chat messaging, file transfer, and many more in a 1:1 or groups, all while ensuring that every communication is completely secure.

SafeSwiss(r) uses advanced technology and the most advanced device-to-device encryption, which utilizes the proven NaCI protocol. The protocol is shared by secret exchanges ECDH25519 and the XSalsa20 Cypher.

Privacy: Creating a new SafeSwiss(r) account is simple. Members can make their identification number and not have to provide personal information like email or phone number. a SIM card.

SafeSwiss(r) Features and Functionality

  • Anonymous User Registration, no telephone number required (unlike Telegram, Facebook, Signal, WhatsApp) No social media or email addresses Users can make their SafeSwiss(r) identification number.
  • Secure text chat and group chat with an indeterminate amount of people.
  • Self-destruct timer that is user-defined and can range between 1 second and year following reading from the recipient(s)
  • A unique feature to delete by pushing erases any text chat or picture or file that is sent at any time for both either the sender or recipient or both
  • Secure file share
  • Secure Voice Call and group calling
  • Backup encrypted and now comes with Google drive.

SafeSwiss(r) offers more functions and features than the majority or all competitors in the realm of secure messaging. Contrary to the widely-used messaging application Telegram Messenger SafeSwiss(r) has been completely secured by default. Telegram has seen an increase of new users, accompanied by WhatsApp reports sharing user data with its parent company Facebook.