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Rocky Day

Rocky Day

by Sombia


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Rocky Day
Rocky Day
Break the rocks to save the day! Check the reaction of your brain breaking rocks! A rain of rocks it's falling, your mission it's to save the day breaking the rocks that are falling. But we aware not to break the ones that have the same color of the floor or you will lose. Rocky day is a fun and entertaining puzzle game that will keep you interested for hours. It's simplistic in gameplay with the difficulty coming from the response and reaction time. It does become addictive to try to break as much rocks as possible. Do you have the necessary to save the day? A Lot harder than it seems! * Awesome game with addictive game play and online game scores. * Well-designed graphics and user interface! * See high scores on Global leaderboard and try to beat them! * Unlock achievements * Regular updates with new features! * Hours of fun! * Unlimited challenging levels!