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Rippler - Question and Answer

Rippler - Question and Answer

by Enkibyte Technologies


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Rippler - Question and Answer
Rippler - Question and Answer

Rippler - Ask . Answer . Assure
A place where you and your contacts can exchange ideas and information!

We use design and innovations
A private social platform exchanging valuable information between you and your phone contacts. The Value of information is determined by the following factors:

Source of Information
Time it takes to get Information
Cost of getting Information
Privacy of getting Information

Rippler as a Specialized Field of Enquiry and Communication
Rippler is a platform specializes in people asking about “who knows who” or “Who knows what” or ‘Who wants What” etc. This is a closed circuit that only allows your phone contacts to communicate with you and vice versa. The idea is basically an exchange of information and knowledge from and within people you know and trust. It’s been always a relief getting a piece of information from an acquaintance or a friend, rather than an unknown source. Rippler deals with people searching about a certain matter that the answer can only come from a phone contact.