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Ring Tok Messenger

Ring Tok Messenger

by Gather Labs SMC Pvt. Ltd.


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Ring Tok Messenger
Ring Tok Messenger
Ring Tok Messenger
Ring Tok Messenger
Ring Tok Messenger

Ring tok has recently released another chat messenger app, one that’s purely meant for communication purposes. With this app, you can send messages, make calls, and connect with people from around the world! The chatting app has individual and group, chat, and calling features. It also translates messages in both audio and text format. Features of the app have been listed and described below:

  1. Private and group chats:

With Ring Tok, you can chat privately with one individual or have an online party using the group chat feature. You can share unlimited data with the recipients without any restriction on the size and type. Your chat history will take up very little space on your device and your data will be stored in the Ring Tok cloud for as long as you need it.

  1. Crystal clear calls:

With Ring Tok, you’ll have a ball, while making calls to friends and family! You can make one-to-one or group calls with the app. The app can be used to call other Ring Tok users anywhere in the world. It’s a great option for making absolutely free calls for personal or professional purposes.

  1. Privacy and security:

You can feel confident while texting with Ring Tok. Share a GIF, photos, videos, stickers, or just a simple emoji to make someone’s day! With end-to-end encryption, no third party can gain access to any information you send or receive. This is a valuable feature for privacy lovers.

  1. Translated messages:

Unlike other popularly used apps, Ring Tok has a chat translation feature that can translate audio and text messages. It translates the messages you receive, within a matter of seconds, into the language you can understand. With this awesome feature, you can make friends from across the border, without worrying about language differences.

  1. Cool GIFS and Stickers:

Who doesn’t love stickers and GIFs?! We all love to send them, but we love to receive them even more! Ring Tok can’t neglect your need for adding funk and spunk to your messages. There’s a wide range of stickers and GIFs just waiting to be used by you!

While providing an exceptional range of features Ring Tok aims to keep the interface clean. The app is super easy to use! Your messages will be delivered using a minimum amount of mobile data. The app works efficiently even if the mobile connection is weak. Download Ring Tok, check out its features, and let us know what you think!