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Read Tachistoscope Premium

Read Tachistoscope Premium

by Mobilispot, LLC


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Read Tachistoscope Premium
Read Tachistoscope Premium
Read Tachistoscope Premium

Read is a highly customizable tachistoscope . It has been shown that the timed exposure of words allows to increase the reading speed , especially in dyslexic children .

Read has many features that make it unique in its kind :
- Allows you to monitor application usage through a system of notifications and through screens related to the use and performance on single words
- Allows you to import ready-made lists from a server
- Allows you to customize the display of words with a brand new system of division into syllables . It also allows several verification methods such as explicit feedback or rewriting of the words
- Allows you to create accurate graphics on the child's performance . Graphs can be saved as images or as a printable PDF

Warning: Works only on 7" and 10" hdpi tablets!