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Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds

by DreamStudio


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Rain Sounds
Rain Sounds
Rain Sounds
Rain Sounds
Rain Sounds
Rain Sounds
Rain Sounds
Rain Sounds

Soothing rain sounds, sounds of thunderstorm and lightning, water drops banging on a window sill will help you relax or concentrate while working and learning. They can also be great background music while practicing yoga, meditation, reading books and e-books.

Monotonous sounds of rain and nature sounds like white noise positively affect the brain work, enhance relaxation and rest, and help get rid of stress.
This kind of gentle relaxation music not only helps you fall asleep, but it works  soothing for tired body after a day of work.

App features:
● HD quality rain sounds,
● possibility to run app in the background,
● timer for automatic shutdown of applications,
● all the rain sounds are available offline - not require an Internet connection,
● slideshow mode,
● low battery consumption,
● setting ringtone with the rain sounds,
● assist in getting rid of stress, in rest and also with the problems with insomnia and falling asleep,
● help with relaxation training,