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Racing Fire - Cars Boom

Racing Fire - Cars Boom

by Janina Lovelace-Ferreira


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Racing Fire - Cars Boom
Racing Fire - Cars Boom
Racing Fire - Cars Boom

Welcome to Racing Fire - Cars Boom! Get ready for addictive, challenging game play with amazing graphics! Car racing will never be the same! The rule is survival - are you up for the challenge?

Decide on super fast vehicles with ultra power to evade obstacles and defeat fierce opponents on the roadways! 20 race cars to choose from and multiple, fascinating roadways. Fight to stay alive and collect lots of coins on the way. Collect lightening boosts to race at ultra fast speeds. Collect diamonds to unlock new roads and amazing new cars. Check out the leader board to see where you compare with racers from all over the world. Send fuel to your friends that are running out and refill your coins. Daily bonuses! Spin the wheel for diamonds, fuel, or coins. Get experience points and level up with daily achievement challenges that you can beat! Watch out for the cops! Get to the next checkpoint before time runs out!

What are you waiting for? Let's race cars, hit the gas, and enjoy Racing Fire: Cars Boom!

*Multiple exciting cars
*Customize the ability of the cars you choose
*Awesome background music
*Plenty of daily bonuses and incentives
*Compete against the world

Car racing will never be the same!