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Quote Bits

Quote Bits

by Ak Web Designer


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Quote Bits
Quote Bits
Quote Bits
Quote Bits
Quote Bits
Quote Bits
Quote Bits

This Quote Bits app offers you a unique collection of quotes, guides and teachings from Buddhism. Quote Bits offers you a collection of Buddhist quotes to inspire you in your everyday life.

This Quote Bits app will guide you with beautiful teachings and sayings of the Buddha, Buddhism and much, much more. The best thing about it? It's free!

Features of the App:
* Handpicked quotes of wisdom by Buddha
* Simple and beautiful design, easy on the eyes.
* Elegant backgrounds to choose from.
* Add a quote to your favorites by clicking on the Heart icon. You can then select the favorites quotes from the menu for later viewing.
* Share quotes on Email, Facebook Whatsapp, SMS. You can also copy the quote to the clipboard.
* Receive daily notification of select quotes and be inspired.
* The best part is that it works Offline, doesn't require an Internet connection!

Thanks for downloading it.
Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.
If there is an issue or feature request, please send us an email at [email protected]
Please don't forget to provide us with your valuable reviews and suggestions. It helps us to improve.

Disclaimer: The data collected is provided free of charge for informational purposes only, with no guarantee of whatsoever for accuracy, validity, availability, or fitness for any purpose. Use it at your own risk.
We know that some quotes are not as exactly as the Buddha said, but relatively they are the Buddha's thoughts, and they have the Buddhism spirit & meaning. Please forgive & correct us if we made any mistakes in this app.

All images, quotes, and names are copyright of their respective owners. All the logos, images, quotes and names are used in this app just for identification and educational purpose only. Any request to remove one of the logos, images, and names will be honoured.
Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.