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by Prefme Matrix Pvt. Ltd.


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Re-imagine travel and hospitality through tailored services, preferred amenities, curated meals and customized stays. Let your every travel be completely personalized to your tastes and choices through Prefme for a hassle-free experience. Just share your Eat, Stay and Fly preferences on the Prefme app and enjoy world-class privileges for an incredible travel experience around the globe.

The never-seen-before app in the travel space is finally here! No longer do you need to download multiple apps, because Prefme is the singular app that fulfills all your travel needs.

• Redesign your stays with preferred amenities, privileges and personalized services
• Relish savory delights and cuisines based on your dietary regime, restrictions and health concerns
• Communicate directly with hospitality staff without language barriers through Multilingual Chat
• Pre-check-in at your comfort to fabulous hotels, cruises and accommodations around the globe
• Be aware of what you eat through Food QR Scanning at hotels, cruises, restaurants and airports
• Redeem special offers and enjoy curated privileges through digital Loyalty Cards
• Browse through list of partner hotels, restaurants, cruises and airlines to enjoy personalized offerings

Features detailed

1. Stay preferences:
Personalize your every travel with desired amenities, preferred room ambiance, tailored services, and high-class hospitality for an unforgettable experience. What’s more, you can even customize the minibar in your room.

2. Eat preferences:
Prefme records a wide variety of responses from travelers including the dietary regime, food-related health concerns, dietary restrictions, recommended spice levels, and the preferred cuisines, beverages and breakfast. With this information, all your meals are prepared keeping in mind your taste and palate so that you have a sumptuous dining experience each time.

3. Multilingual Chat:
Easily communicate your concerns and queries to hospitality staff using the Multilingual Chat even before you book the room. You can now inquire about the wellness services offered by the partner through chat. Once you check-in, you can directly chat with the hotel staff in your native language to get answers to your query or request for housekeeping.

4. Pre check-in:
You can avoid check-in queues and find the room of your choice before it gets occupied with Prefme’s mobile pre check-in. Prefme helps you pre check-in to the room with the best matching preferences and amenities. You can even do a group pre check-in and request pickup from the hotel. And you can do all this from any corner of the world through your smartphone.

5. What’s In Food Scanning:
Make intelligent food choices by using What’s In feature to scan QR codes of a dish and know if it is suitable to consume for you or not based on your dietary restrictions and health concerns. What’s In additionally provides a complete list of ingredients on scanning the QR code of a dish.

6. Loyalty Cards:
With Prefme’s digital Loyalty Card wallet, you can save all your loyalty cards at one place and you no longer have to carry physical cards to redeem privileges with partners. The loyalty cards issued by partners are visible in the digital wallet so that you never miss any surprises or privileged offers.

7. Prefme Partners:
Browse through the list of Prefme Partners such as hotels, restaurants, cruises or airlines and view their services. You can also pre-book the services to avoid last-minute hassles during your stay.