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Power Log

Power Log

by Claude Newman


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Power Log
Power Log

With Power Log, you can track your weight lifting and cardio workouts with ease. Track body measurements, including weight, body fat, tape measurements, and caliper measurements. All aspects of bodybuilding progress can be logged and charted easily with Power Log.

- Weight lifting: Very intuitive weight training log, laid out just like you'd use if you were logging on paper. Easily handles supersets, drop sets, and other non-standard sets. Many exercises are included, but you can easily add your own. Easily share your workouts with friends using QR code scans.
- Cardio: Track your running, cycling, and more. Pace is shown in whatever makes sense for the given exercise. Easily track intervals as well. Add your own exercises if you want.
- Measurements: Measurements are grouped by photos, overall body measurements, tape measurements, and caliper measurements. Only track the measurements you care about.
- Progress Photos: Take progress photos whenever you like. Scroll through your past progress photos to see how far you've come.
- Syncing: Your data is stored locally on the device, so you can easily use this app without ever having an internet connection. When you do have an internet connection, this app will allow syncing across multiple devices.
- Strava: If you use Strava, this app will stay in sync with your Strava activity, and publish workouts you enter into the app into your Strava account.

This app is free to use, but limited to 10 workouts until you purchase a license in-app. Then it becomes unlimited. You will be able to fully use all parts of the app during that trial period.