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Police Heart

PoliceHEART (Help Emergency Alert Rescue Terminal)

This is a very helpful unique service launched for the 1st time in India to rescue woman in an emergency situation.Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you need urgent help from the police then you can use this service. Visit www.policeheart.com

When to use ?
Whenever you are in a situation where you need urgent help from the police.
(Use Police HEART service only when you require Urgent Help.)

How to use ?
Just press the panic button in the app

How Police HEART service works

1. HEART (Help Emergency Alert Rescue Terminal) which is kept at Police Control room will pick up your call.

2. Immediately your Help SMS with your location would go to your Friends/Relatives Network (Only if you have registered at http://www.policeheart.com)

3. Do not disconnect the phone.

4. Automatically you would get connected to the Police Operator who would try to speak with you.
5. Even if you are unable to speak or communicate, do not worry. Automatically your location details will flash on the screens of Police Control Terminal

6. Very soon Help would reach you.

Ps: Currently these services are available only in Ahmedabad City and Ahmedabad Rural. (India)
So if you are traveling to Ahmedabad then only this app would be of use to you