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Platypus Shooter

Platypus Shooter

by UnityEngineGames


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Platypus Shooter
+ Platypus Shooter ( Game was remade like Platypus PC ). + Control and shoot enemies as the game Platypus PC, Air Strike, Space War ... + There are 3 different maps. + You must pass 3 map to complete the game. Each map has one different enemies. * How to play: - Control: + Touch screen to move and shoot UFO. - Powerups: + When you destroy certain formations of secondary enemies, you will have the chance to acquire powerups for your ship. You collect these powerups by maneuvering your ship over a star that has spawned when the formation was destroyed. There are four different kinds of powerups: + Autofire (blue star): You shoot bullets at a very fast rate. + Wide Shot (yellow star): This will shot a spread pattern of bullets. + Rockets (red star): You will launch very powerful missiles. + Sonic Pulse (green star): You shoot a wide and destructive energy burst. - Fruit: + When you destroy big enemies, fruit will often fly into the air. Collect this fruit for extra points. - Enemies: + Enemies will appear both front and rear, please note.