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Parking Badge

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Parking Badge
Parking Badge
Parking Badge

Get ahead of the technology curve with Parking Badge software. The only parking solution with customizable options and features for management, tenants, and enforcement services all in one app.


Parking area management has never been easier. Our app provides user-friendly and frustration-free parking software and management solutions. Here are our next-gen parking control features:

- You will have the knowledge of every vehicle on the property, and the ability to see who is registered and who is permitted to be there. You will be able to view and manage your community parking spaces from inside the app.

- You will have the ability to search by unit or by LP number, and pull up a history of registrations for that vehicle or unit.

- Your guests will be able to register their vehicle for 24 hours parking permit on customizable pricing, and they will be able to pay for their parking spot directly in their browser.

- Your tenants and guests will receive an SMS notification for their permits status, their space and location.

- You will be able to add roles like managers, towing company and tow drivers, tenants and guests, and assign them to specific apartments.

- When a violation occurs and a vehicle has been tagged, using our parking control software, the owner will be notified and you can dispatch your tow drivers to remove the vehicle from the parking lot.

- You will be able to manage the parking lot with the built-in interactive map feature. With the live parking map, you will be able to see your tenants and guest parking in real-time.