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Pak Truck Driver

Pak Truck Driver

by Apex Games


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Pak Truck Driver
Pak Truck Driver
Pak Truck Driver
Pak Truck Driver
Pak Truck Driver

Amazing Asian trucks are waiting for passionate drivers in Pak Truck Driver android game. This is a startling truck simulation contains exciting and engaging features including Pakistani Folk music. 
The game comprises on 24 levels including 12 Levels in Forest Mode and 12 Levels in Desert Mode with features like providing cargo services and safely reaches to warehouse. Certainly the game will be over if you crash truck at any level or drop loaded luggage at any instance. 
Features of Pak Truck Driver:
•    Whole game is designed in 3D format representing original locations of highways.
•    Truck driving simulation with cargo servicing 
•    Warehouses, loading and unloading cargo on trucks
•    Multiple camera angles providing more fascinating driving experience 
•    Utmost decorated trucks depicting truck art traditions of Pakistan
•    Folk music in background for true truck driving sensation 
•    Multiple game levels for long play time
Pak Truck Driver providing the real road sensations while playing game. There are two trucks designed in purely Pakistani cultural style. Engaging cargo services develops more driving craze while playing. 
If you are fond of truck driving games and keen to drive heavy trucks on bumpy roads with astounding folk music than Pak Truck Driver is the right choice to sooth your urge of feeling driving a heavy traffic vehicle. 
How to play:
•    Select a truck of your choice
•    Select playing controllers, there are 3 controls available, staring control, tilt and arrow buttons
•    Load cargo on truck from warehouse 
•    Follow predicted map to reach final destination with tossing truck in to hills and roadside hurdles
•    Wait till the fuel bar fills on petrol station, after then next destination point will appear automatically on the map.
•    While playing take care of loaded cargo, if any of it dropped anywhere game will be over.