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One Man Football

One Man Football

by private


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One Man Football
One Man Football
One Man Football
One Man Football
One Man Football

Waiting at a busstop or playing football? Waiting at a doctor or playing football? Drinking beer or playing... okay, that last one is tricky but if the answer to the first two questions is football give this game a try.

A tiny but true Football Game Simulation (no penalty shooting game, no free kick game, no football manager sim,...), quite challenging but not all serious.

Notice: This app was designed especially for mobile phones with a minimun resolution width of 480px but not for tablets (ok, technically it also runs on tablets but the images look rather poor on bigger screens then and the gameplay/playing experience is simply not the same).

Game control:
to control your player needs some exercise but is very simple: if the screen is touched, your player runs there. Is no finger on the screen then the player slows down and stops.

The game is not only for free it is also free from ads.