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On Equation Finance Calculator

On Equation Finance Calculator

by Mobiman


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On Equation Finance Calculator
On Equation Finance Calculator
On Equation Finance Calculator
On Equation Finance Calculator
On Equation Finance Calculator

Welcome to the On Equation Finance Calculator!

The On Equation Finance Calculator adds simplicity to complex financial valuation equations and sensitivity analysis by removing the need for spreadsheets or old school finance calculators. All formulas are preprogrammed, you just need to provide the values.

Whether you’re a seasoned valuation professional, a capital investor or a student of finance, you’ll find the On Equation Finance Calculator extremely useful for all your financial valuation needs. We’ve also integrated the app with a website resource so you can get more information and examples on all the formulas on the platform.

As well as a swathe of finance and valuation formulas at your disposal, we hope you also enjoy the aesthetic of the app. Let’s face it, finance and valuation formulas are rather hard on the eye, and if you’re downloading a calculator to perform them then you’re probably going to be looking at this calculator a lot. With this in mind, we’ve made the interface as easy to look at as possible, or at least we think so.

On Equation Finance Calculator has a range of formulas, from Accounting Rate of Return to Zero Coupon Bonds, but we’re bound to be missing a couple. If you can’t find a specific equation you’re looking for then let us know! We’re always keen to add new formulas to our library and we actually enjoy the feedback. Just hit us up with an email or message us on Facebook with the links within the app.

We hope you enjoy your experience with the On Equation Finance Calculator and thank you for taking the time to download the app and choosing us as your financial math calculator.

Thank you and enjoy the app,
The On Equation Team
Just a brief list of what you’ll find on the app:

Bond and share valuation formulas

Firm valuation formulas

Gordon Growth Models / Dividend Discount Models

Project valuation calculators

Portfolio and equity formulas

Relative valuation formulas

Time value of money formulas

…and more
Comments, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome! Send us an email with you feedback at [email protected]