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Olingo Learn To Count

Olingo Learn To Count

by Nysgard


Our Rating

Olingo Learn To Count
This app offers nice challenge to learn to count while having fun! A GAME FOR CHILDREN! The interface is simple. In two clicks, the young player is faced with these challenges first: a picture and a choice of 3 answers. No adjustment is necessary for the difficulty: challenge level is automatically adjusted according to the player answers. VARIOUS THEMES TO VARIOUS FUN The game features several themes: animals, vehicles. Your child choose his favorite theme! Other themes will follow: you can report your expectations in your comments. Do not hesitate ! BONUS, BUT NO MALUS! The progression of the player is rewarded with small funny pictures. The image collection is easily accessible in a specific activity. Navigate from one image to another is fun for your child! Small bonus, but no malus. An error is just reported and offered the following challenge. The difficulty adjusts automatically, without announcement.