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Oddly Satisfying ASMRtist! 100

Oddly Satisfying ASMRtist! 100

by creativespartans


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Oddly Satisfying ASMRtist! 100
Oddly Satisfying ASMRtist! 100

You must have heard a lot about Autonomous sensory meridian response ASMR lately but do you want to experience true ASMR triggers the way you want them to be exactly?
If yes try your new ASMRtist, with this app you can exactly try creating and listening to the stop motion oddly satisfying & relaxing ASMR triggers as per your requirement, by playing a combination of any ASMR music, ASMR trigger, gentle whispering, triggers for tingles and insomnia together for your personal satisfaction and an oddly satisfying experience. You know why this phenomenon has been on the rise lately because it can actually help you heal & you can use these triggers for breathing exercise to calm yourself and give you a mindful experience everyday!
This latest research based ASMR app includes more than 100 ASMR triggers & tingles from your favorite amsrtists including slime, ASMR no talking, ASMR eating, stop motion cooking, asmr food, massage, thunder & rain, raining cloud, soft piano, gentle tapping, gooey chewing, whispering mouth sounds, soft scratching, gentle touching, mushy plucking & a long long list of other ASMR instruments with no talking.
One of the best collection of ASMR no talking experiences with a unique way to enjoy meditation, yoga, massage or sleep.
Play multiple ASMR sounds together for a unique meditation experience.
Play any ASMR trigger for as long as you want using the timer.
Set the volume of individual sound or trigger using the volume control in front of the icon.
Try playing these tingly meditation sounds for a mindful and calm experience that will give you a tingling sensation from the back of your head to the front of ear lobs that moves down the back of neck & upper spine. These more than 100 triggers are your ultimate dose of satisfaction & tingling ASMRtist response. These ultimate super sensitive triggers are your guarantee to a mindful braingasm & calm experience.