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NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety

by Droid Ash


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NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety
NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety
NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety
NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety

Check your BRAC, easily purchase personal breathalyzers at a discount, register your devices for service alerts, easily book us for events where alcohol is served, check your driving conditions, stay in the know of legal road limits world-wide & enter to win free breathalyzers all in one place with our NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety App

Protect yourself and your loved ones: The NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety App was created by road safety & breathalyzer professionals to help keep commuters safe while they travel on our roads. Our breathalyzers are all F.D.A approved and T.U.V certified, are easy to use reliable and discreet. Our single use breathalyzers are also very discreet (fits in a pocket or a purse) and has a 2-year shelf life. Our acronym T.R.E.D stands for Trust Reliability; Ease of use & Discretion and
we live up to that.

Wholesale for businesses: We also serve the business world and are grateful for our business clients. Our mission is that no host or family member suffers the guilt or consequences of allowing their patron/loved on to drive inebriated, and so, in addition to attending corporate events where alcohol is served (contact us for more details on this service) we also have a wholesale “Dealer Log in” section specifically for our business clients. If you own a storefront, bar, golf course, winery,
restaurant or brewery register with us as we can help you meet your corporate goals. (access to this section of app given after company verification).

Calibration: If you already have a personal breathalyzer you may register it here for service updates and easily submit your breathalyzer for re-calibration to us instead of throwing it away!

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety App is totally free for you to use. There are no ads because we truly care about your user experience.
Download our app now. Have a look around, sign up for discounts on breathalyzers and be an informed driver. Why wait till you get pulled over to know your BrAC? It’s your BrAC and your responsibility so stay in the know, an informed driver is a safe driver! and remember “When you
feel different, you drive different. Drive sober” with Not Your Child Corp!