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Notifications sounds ringtones

Notifications sounds ringtones

by apps talavera


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Notifications sounds ringtones
Update your notification tones and ringtones to your applications with the best short melodies, thanks to this tool will find the top notification sounds. Now you can make a difference with other people who are around you by setting the notification tone you want to hear when you receive a mail, whatsapp, Facebook message and any notification received. Notification tones is completely free, enjoy the best free short tones on your Android Smartphone or Tablet, plays different sounds and select the desired application by clicking on the pop-up menu you will find the various configuration functions of ringtones. • Set as default notification sound • Ask Caller Ringtone • Mark as alarm sound • Use Ringtone for a specific contact • Remove Ringtone App • Send audio to a contact Simple interface to use and small size of application are some of the broad features that make a difference, now you can also share and send the sounds in other applications such as whatsapp, Facebook, Email and any other app installed on your phone. If you want to work with our development team to be included send your sounds, we are happy to have your help to create the best version of notification ringtones