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No Halftime

No Halftime

by No Halftime


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No Halftime
No Halftime
No Halftime
No Halftime
No Halftime

Bet on your favorite sports stars in one on one fantasy matchups and win real money with No Halftime! No draft and no season-long commitments – Play No Halftime when you want!

When your favorite players win, so do you! Win real cash prizes as you watch your favorite sports players. Create a challenge for your favorite player, or swipe to view current challenges from friends and other members of the No Halftime community. Each challenge is a one on one matchup between your favorite sports players. Choose wisely and take home the cash.

== No Halftime Features ==

Win Cash with Daily Sports Matchups
- Be the ultimate fan and find daily matchups for your favorite sports players and teams.
- Pit your favorite sports players against each other and share their victory with the community.
- View matchups on fantasy football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis and golf.
- Only take on the challenges you want – Swipe right to accept challenges or left decline.

Create New Matchups
- LeBron vs. Curry. Trout vs. Harper. Wilson vs. Newton. – You make the challenge and take home the cash!
- Create your own cash challenges and see who in the community will take you on.
- Make challenges private or public and encourage more players to compete for real money!

Organize Your Own League
- Join or create a No Halftime league with friends and fans from around the world.
- Set your league to public or private and invite players to join anytime.

Fantasy Score Point System
- Quickly learn how the fantasy scoring system works and never be behind on your challenges.
- Refer to the scoring sheets before making your daily matchups.

Share on Social Media
- Let every sports fan know about your fantasy matchups by sharing them to your social media accounts.
- Share your challenges on Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp and more to get more players involved.

The fantasy sports season never takes a break with No Halftime! Be the ultimate sports fan and start creating challenges for your favorite players and teams for a chance to win real cash prizes!

Download No Halftime and start winning today!