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NiftyHMS - Healthcare Software

NiftyHMS - Healthcare Software

by NiftyHMS - Healthcare software


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NiftyHMS - Healthcare Software
NiftyHMS - Healthcare Software
NiftyHMS - Healthcare Software
NiftyHMS - Healthcare Software
NiftyHMS - Healthcare Software

NiftyHMS is the Healthcare Software to ease your practitioner’s responsibilities and provide flexibility. Through NiftyHMS we provide you access to remote consulting, care at home, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in 1 platform. Our software will allow you to deliver proactive patient care, improve patient retention and expansion, boost healthcare access, and increase revenue. We are a patient-centric solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Special Care at your convenience

  • Care at Home: Due to a covid lot of Patients need Doctor consulting at the comfort of home.

  • Remote Consulting: Improve access to people who live in rural areas and provide care for those who lack transportation to receive care in person.

  • Save Time: Increase availability by reducing travel time needed from in-person appointments, that are late due to traffic.

Manage Your Practice with More Ease

  • Flexibility: With an online time scheduler and virtual consulting, Doctors get the flexibility of working from home or the clinic.

  • Do More with Less: Tech Enables Remote Consulting will need fewer staff than the physical setup.

Increased Revenue: Doctors will get new leads from Patients through our platform resulting in additional revenues.