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Neon Concept Car Racing

Neon Concept Car Racing

by Hedone Apps


Our Rating

Neon Concept Car Racing
Have you ever imagined how the car racing would look like in future? Do you want to know how the smell of rubber feels on futuristic asphalt ? Have you driven a Super Car ? Where concept cars would run around at blazing speeds. The aerodynamics, aesthetics and overall cars have evolved to an eXtreme extent. ★★★★★"Awesomely Great!! One of the best car racing app on the store!" ★★★★★"I am addicted to this racing game. It is so much fun!" ★★★★★"I can't get enough of this game. I love it!" ★★★★★"Neon Racing It is amazing" Race between the different cars and traffic, try to collect as many coins as you can. The more coins you collect the more options you will have to unlock more and more cars. These new cars will have more functions speed and will further enhance your gaming experience. FEATURES • Smooth gameplay with high definition graphics, high quality sound effects and dazzling animations and about a dozen cars to race from. • Collect coins and bonuses along the way. • Collect THOUSANDS of bonus credits just by playing it. • Unlock more and more cars. • Unlock a truck to race from. • Magnet to attract more coins. • Futuristic city with Furious racing on the freeway. • City and village settings. • Unlimited game play. So what are you waiting for? If I were you I would have already downloaded the app before even reaching to this sentence. Hit the download button and change your life forever!!!