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Myloc - Name Your Location

Myloc - Name Your Location

by Myloc


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Myloc - Name Your Location
Myloc - Name Your Location
Myloc - Name Your Location
Myloc - Name Your Location

Welcome. Give a name to your home/office/any address with MyLoc in 2 minutes. The next time anyone needs your location, simply share your MyLoc Pin.


In an ever so chaotic world where life is a hustle, we find ourselves ‘always searching for something. We live in a convoluted society, left wanting opportunities to work through the complexities. We at MyLoc thought of bringing in some simplicity, we took a step aside from the hustle to end your need for ‘forever searching’ and we introduced a little order to the chaos. MyLoc is an attempt to make at least the need for ‘one such search’ obsolete. The Location Search.

The advent of location sharing was a revelation, life got simple, but when was simple ever enough? With time, we’re left wanting for something more, something better.

Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, MyLoc is a location-sharing service, tailored to the needs of our society today.

What does it do?

MyLoc lets you customize any location (for example a user’s workplace or Home) and generates a shareable link such as “MyLoc.in/your_custom_name”. When a user uses this custom link (Location Pin or Myloc Pin as we call it) he/she is directed to the original map location.

  • MyLoc provides ubiquitous access to “your_custom_name” from any device in the world.
  • Store/Share locations similar to contacts and never find the need to frequently ask/give directions.

How is it Useful?

  • Ever found yourself with a dead phone in an unknown location looking to head back home, get in a cab and tell them “MyLoc.in/your_custom_name”, sit back and relax.
  • Disaster Management – Get aid delivered directly to the ones in need by just sharing the MyLoc pin of the affected!
  • Delivering food home? Uncomfortable making conversation with the delivery guy? Well, don’t. Just send him “MyLoc.in/your_custom_name” and you’ll be enjoying your food before you know it!