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My Family Locator

My Family Locator

by CapsaApps


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My Family Locator
My Family Locator
My Family Locator
My Family Locator is free tracking application about the location of your family member. If you are parent install register your self as parent and invite members of your family whom you wish to track. Parent has option to share his/her location to other family members. My Family Tracker dose not keep track of your visited location, it only show current location of your family members. After every minute we update your location. Parent can call, text, get driving direction and distance to reach child or family member. Family members can install my family locator and register them self as child, Family members can view there current location and location of other family members. you can manage your profile, easily change password and invite family member. Only parent role can invite other family. You can send us suggestions for improvements of my family locator. Family tracker is very useful application, from any where around the world keep updated about your family members. Family locator is free to install and use we do not offer any in-app purchase.